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The most dwarvish of all the dwarfly Minecraft mods. This is a mod that has been requested and seconded and thirded and so on on the minecraft forums, and has been started and abandoned, passed from coder to coder, over and over again during its lifetime. It is currently in the hands of Volgon8, who seems to be enthusiastic enough for some serious long term progress to occur.

What is this mod?Edit

Basically, this mod is all about being a dwarf. The ideal here is to find a cave immediately upon spawning, and seal the entrance up behind you, never to see the accursed sun/moon/stars ever again. Crafting recipes have been added for tools, workbenches, chests, torches, etc without wood (If you're playing THIS mod, you're certainly not one of those tree humping elves), and the 'dwarven conversion process' continues until there won't be anything you could possibly need a bit of wood for. This isn't like the 404 challenge, where you're supposed to gather all the resources BEFORE you enter the cave. In THIS mod, your resources are all already INSIDE the cave. Well. He's working on food. But I'm sure that will be complete any day now.

How to be a DwarfEdit

How to survive underground



Where do I get food?!!

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